What could thrash the elegance of a long saree? Absolutely nothing unless it's draped as mess! Sarees can be official, sexy, amusing, and conventional and much more than just a simple 9-yard fabric.

26 Trendy & Modern Saree Draping Styles Ideas to Rock the Party

Saree seems to be great on each body kind and in fact, makes a lady look lean if draped in such a technique!

It's not astonishing that saree is the best and the most preferable Indian apparel for women in India. You can appear like a diva in outfits but a saree can make you similar to a princess!

Ladies can put faith in a saree for a wonderful chic look if draped to perfection. So, without talking much, we fetch you some different saree styles wear with modern twist and button up a traditional look.

1- Mumtaz Style Saree Draping

Mumtaz Style Saree Drape

Credits: Geetanjali

Mumtaz style saree draping is a retro style that was made celebrated by actor Mumtaz and is a great festivity look if you have a different love for a sexy chiffon saree with a blingy border.

Mumtaz Style Saree Draping Youtube

It looks stunning on curvy women and is decorated in such a manner that the edge of the saree wrapped in circles all over the upper body.

2- Cape Style Drape

Cape Style Drape

Credits: pinimg

Cape style saree draping is one inclination which has crunched into the trend and we love this cape over outfit trend. It is a perfect saree draping method to jazz up the look a bit. The idea behind draping a saree with a matching cape over it is amazing. Select your desired saree and find a cape stitched so you can dress over it to add zing to things.

3- Butterfly Saree Wear Style

Butterfly Style Saree Drape

Credits: strandofsilk

You must have seen it on most of the celebrities. It is a sexy saree style that is non-bulky and up to date take on saree draping.  Just fold the top part of your pallu into a slender column after creating a butterfly form at the lower part of the pallu, and you're set to rock the parties.

How to Wear Butterfly Style Saree Step by Step

4- Gujarati Style

 Traditional Gujarati style Saree Drape

Credits: strandofsilk

This conventional style of draping a saree fetches out the affluent work in heavy sarees. The traditional Gujarati gets draped in such a way that it covers up the frontage and the pallu is inserted in the front.

Gujarati style sonam kapoor Saree Drape

Credits: pinimg

But there is a different side of this traditional style. You can wear it in the modern style of saree draping. Yes, you heard it right! Sonam shows us how you can put in some flavor to the Gujarati style of saree draping.

Wear Gujarati Style Saree Step by Step Video

5- Pants style

Pants Style Saree Drape

Credits: nadinebeautyforever

Saree pants are an up to date blend look we cannot get enough of. Chic and neutral, it is destined for fashionistas who in fact want to be obvious at official parties.

6- The Angrakha Drape

Angrakha Saree Drape

Credits: looksgud

Enthused by the Mughal garments this striking way of swathing a saree is not only modern but looks amazing!

7- Dhoti style

Dhoti Style Saree Drape

Credits: worldofmoms

This saree draping manner is here to put a lot of attractiveness amongst fashionistas, give credits to its better fashion quotient. Not only does it permits for additional faction, but also ensure to make you appear great with winter blazers and jackets, for a diverse look.

8- Pre-stitched/cocktail style

presticked/ Cocktail Saree Drape

Credits: leemboodi

The pre-stitched and cocktail style is all about modern and chic saree fashion, as it is about the blouse. It is an enormous look to set off if you're wearing chiffon or georgette sarees with heavy border pallu.

You can join up these sarees with sequined nettops, embroidered chemise, and blingy crop tops.

9- The Double Drape

Credits: blogspot

This is a conventional and very inventive drape that uses two sarees concurrently! If you are puzzled as what to put on and sheltered between your sarees, pick both of them and get a twofold drape done just like Sonam Kapoor.

10- The Fringe Drape

Fringe Saree Drape

Credits: southindiafashion

You don't really have to devote in a luxurious designer saree to get into a saree with long fringes. You can easily get it finished on your own to your favorite satin or simple sarees.

There are heaps of fringe laces in the market, just pick one and visit your tailor to stitch it by the side of the borders of your saree. This way when you wrap your DIY fringe saree drape, everybody's going to stare at you with amusement. So gear up and reprocess your old saree into an innovative one.

11- The Ripped Jeans drape

Denim Saree Drape

Credits: lookbook

Women love ripped jeans and therefore the finest way to put into your saree trip. You can pair it with your much loved ripped jeans and appear like a true fashionista.

12- Neck Wrap Style

Neck Saree Drape

Credits: couponraja

Trench the conventional style and try dissimilar saree draping styles! You can seize the pallu over your neck to construct it like a trendy scarf. Endeavor this with a handwoven piece to provide the saree a contemporary twist.

As an alternative of draping the pallu of your saree the standard method, strive to drape it similar to scarves. Not merely is this very fashionable and chic, but it will also keep you warm throughout those cold winter weddings.

13- Belted Style Drape

Belted Style Drape

Credits: suzysmith178

All you call for this look is a statement belt to pushover your waist. It puts in an up to date and edgy panache to the standard saree look.

14- The Voluminous Saree Style Drape

Voluminous Saree Style Drape

Credits: ezwed

A chiffon saree with a deep border swathed in a similar old way might get a bit too boring. You can try wearing it over your can-can lehenga like the celebrities. This one is top suitable for short women as it has a great deal of quantity and drama going on which would formulate you like a little overload.

15- Lehenga style Saree Drape

Lehenga Style Drape

Credits: Vagabomb

If you have your friend’s wedding and you want to wear lehenga but don’t want to purchase one then try the lehenga style saree, and counterfeit the look. At present, while it necessitates some quantity of persistence and endeavor, it is absolutely better than wasting money on lehenga you will by no means wear again.

16- The Twisted Pallu Saree Drape

Twisted Saree Drape

Credits: southindiafashion

We all adore the tidily badged pallu at the shoulder but to put in that little extra oomph, just twist the pallu like you would wind a rope plait and get your saree to be the core of attraction! Make certain you have a fascinating blouse available because the blouse is going to be the axis of the stage.

17- The Chinese Buff drape

Chinese Buff drape style

Credits: blogspot.com

A very ground-breaking way to swathe your lace sarees and overstated sarees is to wrap the pallu at the waist in a wrong side up that the pallu outlines a Chinese fan-like shape when the pallu is brooched at the shoulder.

18- Bengali Style

Bengali Style Saree Drape

Credits: southindiafashion

While conventional Bengali sarees do not always engage an overturn drape, this substitute Bengali style is more accepted because of its individuality. It is immense for sarees with rich boundaries but is also a big draping style if you actually want to brag that backless blouse.

19- Corset Style Drape

Corset Style Saree Drape

Credits: quora

Corset belts and blouses are “it” obsession that trendy girls love this season. Slip in your dissimilar saree draping styles. A corset belt in the similar print as your pallu, will emphasize your waist and highlight your bends.

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20- Trail Style Drape

Trail Style Saree Drape

Credits: awomensclub

The saree is essentially draped the accustomed way but the extent of the pallu is wrapped in such a way that it is extended enough to craft a trail when pinned in the rear. This is best decorated if you are having a huge party to go to.

21- Dupatta Style Drape

Dupatta Style Saee Drape

Credits: blogspot

The easiest and a preferred drape that has popularized by many Indian fashion icons like Sonam Kapoor, is all in trend. All you have to accomplish is hit upon a matching bordered dupatta that would go off with your saree and dress in it just like Sonam Kapoor. The knockout factor is the dupatta around your neck.

22- Tunic Style Drape

Tunic Style Saree Drape

Credits: pinimg

To jazz things up, just add tunic blouse and a wobbly draped pallu that has been insecurely pleated on the left shoulder. It is probable to dig up this drape if the saree has a vividly diverse half that is in a brave design.

The silver ornaments and the hairstyle add extra to the look. This style is very effortless to realize with raw fabrics as well as black and white crepes that have a half and half design.

23- Inverted Style Drape

Inverted Saree Drape

credits: pinterest

Remember the blue saree of Deepika Padukone from Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani that made headings. The oppressive look of Deepika was channeled with an inverted drape style of saree.

This saree style looks like the Mermaid adorns but the only dissimilarity is that it is joined modest below the common waist to stress the curves and wrap get slender at the bodice. The fashion is just right to draw attention to your hourglass figure.

24- Structured Over Dress Style Drape

Structured Saree Drape

Credits: hindustan times

If you can’t do well in cultural Indian wear, there is no need to be dissatisfied. You can still dress in a saree by revolving it into prearranged clothing just like the recent fashion trend.

All you require is a couple of toning leggings or fitted pants and dress a half-saree above it just like a skirt. Cover up one shoulder with the pallu where pleats are optional. There you go! An easy-peasy saree dress is all set. Tie a metallic belt more or less around the waist for extra fashion tips.

25- Crop Top Style Drape

 Crop top Style Drape

Credits: southindiafashion

Crop tops are such a rant and rave these days. But the best thing is- they have swapped for saree blouses. You don’t have to wear embroidered or heavy saree blouses in the comparable outline.

Try something dissimilar by adding up a crop-top wind to your saree. A black crop top will be an immense venture as it will go off with any saree. Swathe the saree in your own method and set out with nominal accessories look.

26- Bikini Saree Style Drape

Bikini Style Saree Drape

Credits: saree.guide

For the contemporary women who desire to embellish saree with no ruckus, this fashion is perfect for them. A blouse is restored with a bikini to disclose more but the stability is attained by keeping the pallu in the undo fashion with no pleats.