Finally, its Durga Puja time yet again and we ladies know how the thrill of Durga Puja begins a month prior. Above and beyond bystander pandals being ornamented and waiting in rows to seek blessings from the goddess, people also think of what to wear on these nine days of festivity.

Nevertheless, coming across to be best and wearing trendy outfits & hairstyle for Durga Puja is no tiny business.

The smell of sweets, lights, echo, throng, and togetherness, all tote up to the delight of the festival. So, if you are not sure what you can wear this time then allow us to give you some hairstyle ideas that can jazz up the whole look.

To finish the look, do these hairstyles and you are set for a ravishing look during Durga Puja. Let us give you a few ideas:

All-time Favorite Durga Puja Hairstyles

1- Classic Bong Look

classic bong hairstyle

Credits: swaggyimages

Actresses are identified to shake a saree with grace not just in movies but in real life too. Especially all the bong beauties have a touch of Bong in her dressing sense. You too can get it by wearing the saree in Bengali style.

For classic Bengali Durga puja hairstyle, take your hair to the side and select a big bindi that counterpart the shade of your saree. And, don’t forget to do your eyes valiant. Now, you are good to go.

2- Long black curls

Long black curls

Credits: IMDB

Captivating signals from goddess itself curl your hair and cover your hair separating it with vermillion. For this look, you can get inspiration from Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit’s Chandramukhi style. It is the easiest and a chic hairstyle for Durga puja which is ruling hearts from years.

3- Coarse side braid

Coarse side braid

Credits: beautyhealthtips

If you are not a fan of open hair because you can’t manage it in all the hustle-bustle of the party then tying your locks in a braid will be a perfect option for you. This is what we call a side-swept. Though, all the round face ladies should ignore this hairstyle as it will make the face look fuller.

4- Tight bun

Tight bun for navratri

Credits: indianbeauty

A bun with a conventional Bengali saree is never going out of fashion. Divide your hair from the center and secure them into a bun at the end of your neck. Don’t forget to complete the look with a big red bindi and heavily studded jewelry. Just keep the saree effortless and take a tiny clutch.

5- Side-swept Hairstyle

Side-swept Hairstyle

Credits: indianbeauty

If you a lazy bunny and don’t want to spend long hours on your hairdo then just do a tidy and deep separation at the side and you are done. At the backside, you can have small, middle or lengthy hair. Those who are common with side-swept parting can try some different parting on the festive days. So, the whole thought is to keep altering your hair parting.

6- Ponytail With Front Hair Twists

ponytail with front twist

Credits: stylecraze

Although this may look simple, it takes time to be completed. First, comb your hair neat and take hair fringes at the face. Fasten them in plaits or twists. At the backside, do tiny hairs plait and secure it, leaving the end piece to unlock. This style will accentuate your whole look. It may take time to do but its DurgaPuja! And you are allowed to take time to look your best.

7- Big Hair Bun

Big Hair Bun hairstyle for navratri

Credits: pinkvilla

A Big Hair Bun will look good with each and every outfit. On the ethnic festival season keep your look entirely ethnic. A precise big hair bun at the back of the neck is the best option to go with. Fix your hair bun firmly with clips and ribbons, so that in between the hustle-bustle of Durga Puja, it resides in place and at balance with your looks. The bun can be accessorized with flowers, brooch, Gajra and so on.

8- Open Hair With Curls

Open Hair With Curls for durga puja

Credits: Indianbeauty

At this festive season, you must try some open hair and curls. It is pretty easy to do. All you have to do is keep your tresses undo and at the end, put in those locks or loose twists. You can do this by means of an electronic hair curler or simply damp your hair and tie it into rigid plaits for a few hours. By the instance you strike the pandals in the sunset, you will acquire curls by the end of your hair naturally.

9- A Messy Hairdo


A Messy Hairdo for durga puja

Credits: pinimg

To keep the look simple yet trendy, go for this Hairstyle this Durga Puja. Just place your hair into a messy bun or ponytail. This is trouble-free to do and barely takes time. This sets out bingo with a saree, accurately how Deepika Padukone passed it in her film ‘Piku’. Although to make a balance, the end should be messy but the front part of the hair should be precisely arranged.

10- Half up and down hairstyle

Half up and down hairstyle

Credits; Indianbeauty

Half up half down hairstyle is perfect for all ladies who want to keep their hands off their hair but don’t want to pin the entire hair. An easy clip or half up hair with bun will suit all these confused souls. The half ended hair can be coiled a bit or unbent depending upon your preference. The discrepancy, of course, is completely your option.

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11- Pixie with Fringes

Pixie with Fringes

Credits: stylepresso

Now most of us think of this hairstyle as too western but trust us, it is not. A pixie cut departs very much in sync with cultural wear but you should know how to rock them. In the frontage, some fringes and in the backside a good raise makes a perfect pixie. This Durga Puja, you can take a jet black pixie haircut or a dyed one of your choice.

12- Patterned Hair Coloring

Patterned Hair Coloring

Credits: pinimg

For patterned hair coloring, you don’t require an exact length of the hair. On long, short or medium-length hair, different caresses of colors can be approved to make your hair the attention of your face. Make sure you pick the correct set of colors and also a first-class salon. Inexpensive hair colors often harm the hair touch and features.

13- Straight Hair With Front Locks

Straight Hair With Front Locks

Credits: Stylecraze

It is one of the signature hairstyles of Bengalis for Durga Puja. It will never bid a bye from the Durga puja fashion. Generally, the length of the hair matters a lot here. Some still end their face locks with layers or steps. When going for this, you have the option of keeping your hair unfasten or doing a superior hair bun.

14- Side Hair Plait

Side Hair Plait

Credits: pinimg

If you feel really lazy on the Durga Puja time, then an easy hair plait builds it a fast and comfortable remedy. To style, the plaits, place it on the side. Plaits go excellent with both eastern and western attires. But, long hair makes the whole process much more beautiful and style the hair right.

15- The Pretty Ponytail

The Pretty Ponytail

Credits: popxo

This is the most easy-to-do hairstyle in the Durga puja. But you have to master the trick to pinch your ponytail with the precise accessory, color or style. When available for a ponytail, make sure your hair is sound brushed and it does not emerge knotted. You’d have to use an electronic hair curler to get the pigtail in a smart way.

16- Braided Bun

Braided bun

Credits: Allabouteve

A stylish bun has forever been a standard hairstyle to do with your Indian wear, but a braided bun takes your overall look to a whole another level. This is with no doubt one of the simplest yet most stunning hairstyles to decide on for this Durga Puja. If you desire to go the further mile, feel liberated to jazz stuffs up with hair accessories or some genuine flowers.

17- Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Credits: Indianbeauty

If your Navratri plans comprise an amusing filled night of singing, dancing and cheerful applaud then you actually don’t wish for a high-maintenance hairstyle that’s leaving to annoy you during the night. What you require is a hassle-free hairdo that’ll not only appear enormous but also tidily secure those locks so they don’t get in your way when you’re jumping off the night playing garba. For circumstances like these, there’s nothing better than a good fishtail braid.

18- Bouffant with Open Curls

Bouffant with Open Curls

Credits: pinimg

If you truly want to show off your tresses this celebratory season, then this hairdo is ideal for you. It is a hairstyle that people are witnessing for years and it is never going out of style. The reason, it is the easiest and chic style to do. All you have to do is craft a tiny puff or a bouffant on the crown to add a few volumes and then set those pretty curls free and allow them to toil their magic. If you would like to play up the glam further, add an attractive crown or a flowery hair comb and you’ll be all set to astonish this Navratri.

19- Side Swept Bun

Side Swept Bun

Credits; stylecraze

This is a hairstyle which comes with a variety of experiments and goes all out on the glam proportion. It is a must try hairstyle this Navratri and Durga Puja. A side swept bun isn’t the easiest look to attain, but it completely values the attempt because the end effect is a supreme champion! Do this hairstyle and accessories to raise your glam quotient!

20- Classic Low Bun

Classic Low Bun

Credits: indianbeauty

A low bun is solitary of the go-to hairstyles to couple with customary Indian outfits. It works wonderfully with your colorful Navratri lehengas, suits and sarees. Furthermore, it’s the just right option for women gazing to add a garland or extra hair garnishes on or around their bun.

21- Head Chains

Head Chains hairstyle

Credits: bollywoodshaadis

This Navratri try a bit more glamorous avatar! Head chains or floral tiaras seem wonderful with Indian wear. You can also pouf up your mane and decorate the ornament or just build a simple center parting.

So this was the collection of the easiest hairstyles which can be prepared by us. For the duration of festivals, everybody at home is busy and doesn’t get time to visit parlors. Now that you know how to get the just correct Bengali look, go and show off your tress with this Trendy Durga Puja Hairstyles.