Bridal Mehndi Designs Simple and Beautiful for Hands

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Bridal mehndi designs for hands

As greatly as Indian wedding rituals fit, applying mehndi on your hands and legs before you become married is a good indication. Mehendi was indicative of the sun that awoke your inner star. When it gets to henna designs, brides have their own choices. Some likes an easy modern mehndi design, while others desire to go all out with an elaborate bridal mehndi design. Whatever may be your love when it occurs to Mehandi designs, we have you included top henna design for a wedding day that will jazz up your entire look.

Simple and Elegant Bridal Mehndi Designs

The list of Mehandi designs covers everything from shimmer henna to the very modern Arabic mehndi design that is embraced often by the friends, aunts, and cousins! Scroll over and fasten all those designs that you aspire to show your mehndi expert for your marriage day. Bridesmaids and other too can review out these henna designs as there are a number of pictures with the least Mehendi design also!

  • Paisley Impression Mehndi

Bridal hands henna design curly flower

Bridal hands henna design: paisley impression

The paisley impression mehndi is a timeless masterpiece. The rounded motifs are arranged in many forms, like the famous mango design. The design has tiny and pretty paisleys on the fingertips and giant paisleys on the palm. The curvy tops add a soft glow to the design while the complex strokes maintain the symmetry.

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Paisley, hearts, flowers, and leaf plants are never running out of style for bridal henna designs, and for all reasonable reasons. They have this marvelous bridal look that other mehndi patterns don’t.

  • Henna Flower Design

Flower Motifs mehndi design

Flower Motifs mehndi design

Flowers are supposed to be a vague motif to carry as they are compelled to match with any wedding attire. This design is all flowery and quite fabulous. The small leaves emphasize the bride’s long fingers and the big flower design is screened to create depth. With leaves and vines of various sizes, the picture looks very delicate, yet interesting. The delicate floral motifs of roses, lotus, leaves, and vines make henna flower design a classic floral package!

  • Royal Mehndi Design

royal henna design

Royal Mehndi design

Royal henna design will suggest you of the detailed structural designs that you see at a classical Mughal palace. The tops and floral designs match the designs carved into connected pillars of a royal house.  The main focus of this design is the chequered and split pattern which is very alike to a tapestry, but we cannot ignore the paisleys and leaves on the wrist and fingers, as they are notable eye-catching too.

  • Raja Rani Bridal Mehndi Designs

Raja Rani Henna Mehndi Design for Bride for Wedding

Raja Rani Henna Mehndi Design for Bride for Wedding

The raja and rani motif is very popular in bridal mehndi designs. This purpose showcases the artwork of a king and queen from the Mughal time. Elaborate patterns have been formed around the two faces to create the focal point of the design reach out. The evergreen Dulha Dulhan design is kept for the brides only.

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The pictures of Dulha and Dulhan can be formed into other mehndi designs to build a stunning impact in an easy mehndi design. You can also get your groom’s face decorated on your hands if your mehndi artist has the expertise. Here, these mehndi designs for brides showcase how pretty they can look.

  • Elephant Themes

The elephant-featured Mehendi is one of the most beloved Indian bridal mehndi designs. The curvy and swirly designs add a different flair to the design, having the feet painted, but not to such an area that the elephants go ignored. The elephant design is different and distinct from common motifs such as peacocks and floral patterns.

  • Peacock Design

Peacock Henna Design backhands for Bride

Peacock Henna Design backhands for Bride

The beautiful and striking peacock design is included in most Indian bridal trimmings. Originating from bindis to lehengas, and of course, henna designs, you can find it everywhere. A peacock design with intricate feathers can be easily combined into other motifs and floral designs. Further, the elegance of the peacock’s long neck and delicate feathers is absolutely unbeatable.

  • Swirl Mehndi Design

This curvy design is made on each finger, giving a blank space amid the palm and the fingers. The spins and paisley pattern with dot pitches form a perfect design for the brides who desire to sport Mehndi but want it to be minimal.

  • Mandala Mehndi Designs

The mandala is a very simple design in bridal mehndi that has a large circle that normally assists as a base around which many patterns are formed. The petals are often designed to create a multi-dimensional appearance. This design will remind you of the beams of the sun.

  • Cuff Mehndi Design

cuffs mehndi art design

cuffs mehndi art design

The main center of this design is on the elaborate and thick cuffs over the wrists that are maintained by simple boxes. The lace pattern over the thumbs highlights curvy floral patterns whereas the paisleys in halfway lead towards the geometric bands. It is a new look with a center on the wrist, rather than the palm. Though, the small mandalas following the cuffs guarantee that your arms look totally jazzed up!

  • Square Check Pattern Mehndi

Beautiful Square Check Mehndi Design

Beautiful Square Check Mehndi Design Credit

Square Check model is a great way to get your mehndi design pop and is used regularly to give a dispute to the similarity of general intricate patterns. Square Check design can be used very quickly to fill up the gaps in another Mehendi design as well.

  • Asymmetric Design

Asymmetric Mehndi Designs for Bride

Asymmetric Mehndi Designs for Bride (Credit)

Sometimes, the mehndi designs don’t require to be filled with matching and balanced patterns. The virtue can laze in the uniqueness of an asymmetric design with vine patterns and floral patterns all over the hands. Neither the design on the fingers nor the design on the wrists coordinates with the rest of the pattern on the hands. Only a few duplicated symbols are applied all over. Such figures give a chance for experimentation.

  • Lace Mehndi Design

Lace Mehndi Design for Bride to be

Lace Mehndi Design for Bride

This lacy pattern is distinct from most of the other designs and is one of the newest bridal mehndi designs. Lace henna design doesn’t highlight a central design but uses several common patterns such as leaves to finish the elegant glove look. This minimum pattern centers on the wrists, which showcase the most sensitive and complex part of the design.

  • Glitter Mehndi Design

Glitter bridal Mehndi design

Glitter bridal Mehndi Design(Credit)

Making glitter Mehndi is a hot new trend. Combining sparkles to elaborate mehndi designs makes them seem more attractive and alluring. These designs are usually loud and elaborate and follow as enough adornments for the bride’s palm and feet.

  • Full Hand Mehndi Design for Bride

Full Hands Mehndi

Full Hands Mehndi

Have you ever dreamed of owning your hands covered with henna till the joints for your wedding? Well, if you have, then this sort of complex full hand mehndi design is only for you. Get yourself a beautiful nail art to suit you traditional Indian mehndi and play in the recognition you receive!

  • Petal Mehndi

flower petals design henna

Flower petals design

This beautiful design can improve the charms of the hands. Very tiny flower design Mehendi will refill blessing on your marriage day. You can get flowers, leaves, and exotic petal design to provide your hands with a certain artistic look. The floral pattern can resemble with any wedding attire. The constant flow of the design can adore your thoughts and you will like to get the design on your hands.

  • Colored Henna Tattoo

colored henna design for bride

Colored Henna Design for Bride Hands

Do you want to balance the mehndi design to your attire color? Then opt for a colored mehndi design which is nearly a new idea. For a different mehndi style, most of the brides these days are favoring a colored mehndi on their palm which reaches out from the rest. For example, by creating an elegant and beautiful peacock with elaborated wings, the tone of this design can be a blue-green color for it seems even more impressive. The look and feel of this pattern is trendy and attractive too!

  • Arabic Design

The most popular Mehndi design you can avail on your hands and form an amazing style on the wedding day. This is remarkably popular in global as a wedding design. This provides you a very iconic design and gripping design to your hands. Innovate the design by using on hands and make your marriage a memorable one. This is very distinct from regular Mehendi designs. The marvelous design creates a positive look and you will feel gratified of your wedding by utilizing Mehndi in hands. It gives a simple honor to your wonderful wedding.

These are some of the best bridal mehndi designs if you are thinking of a traditional wedding. They will complement your bridal saree or lehenga absolutely. Wish you loved the mehndi designs. These are just a few easy and popular bridal mehndi designs for the wedding day. Which ones are you intending to try out?

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