Fashion Style Guru blog making you know about the latest trends of fashion and the best possible ways to entertain you.

We at Fashion Style Guru prefer to benefit our young readers and educate you as much possible. The three pillars of this website are Sunil Pratap Singh ( Marketing Guy ), Pushpak Chaudhary (The Fashion and Food Writer), Mukul Paul (The Creative Fashion Writer).

We describe you about the various trending stations ranging from pin to plane. Fashion industry is a single place where everything looks so soothing from outside but we will make you know about every single dust of the industry.

Parental Company of Fashion Style Guru

The parent company of this website is A & S Craft which is handled by Shobhit Pratap Singh.  A & S Craft manufactures all the latest fashion garments which can be worn in daily wear or parties. We would end with a quote by Bill Cunningham – ”Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Fashion Style Guru Team Members

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